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Geoffrey Jones

Senior Research Specialist

Geoffrey Jones


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  • [...] Mr. Jones demonstrated flexibility, ingenuity, and optimism as we conducted analysis using novel research techniques integrating biomedical, engineering, statistics, and military operational concepts to lead to a product that we are currently attempting to publish in a peer-reviewed biomedical journal.
    As a US Naval Academy graduate, former Navy submarine line officer qualified as naval nuclear engineer, and currently a US Navy physician, I have had the privilege to work with many highly talented people, both military and civilian. Mr. Jones is among the top 5 percent of people that I have evaluated.[...]

    — LCDR Colin Young - Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory —
  • I hired Geoffrey to help implement our new SAP manufacturing systems capabilities. Geoffrey did an outstanding job in all areas that included; selection and evaluation of software, developing functional specifications, master data configuration and programming of custom reports. In addition to his information technology internship, Geoffrey demonstrated a willingness to learn and worked closely with our mechanical, engineering and operations teams. I can definitely recommend Geoffrey for any organization. He is a passionate professional with solid technical and leadership qualities.

    — Chuck Womeldorf - Former Manager at ITT Exelis —
  • I had the pleasure of working alongside Geoffrey during the implementation of SAP ME software. His technical skill and attention to detail were invaluable to the success of the initiative. I would highly recommend Geoffrey and would personally hope for the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

    — Kate Sullivan - Former Coworker at ITT Exelis —


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